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Across Rainbows

Queerability is an empowering podcast exploring LGBTQ+ identity, culture, mental health, relationships, and more.

Hosts Nick and Ellena have raw, honest conversations about what it means to be queer in today's world. Through personal stories and thoughtful discussion, they tackle topics like coming out, dating and relationships, discrimination, activism, self-care, and finding community.

Nick and Ellena believe that being LGBTQ+ comes with superpowers - resilience in the face of adversity, empathy and compassion for others, courage to live authentically, and freedom to define oneself. They explore how embracing one's queer identity can be a source of strength, confidence, and inner power.

At times, Nick and Ellena are joined by inspirational queer guests from diverse backgrounds, providing perspectives on navigating life as an LGBTQ+ person. They discuss issues relevant to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and questioning individuals.

Queerability sends an uplifting message that no matter your sexuality or gender, you have the power to thrive as your authentic self. By building a thoughtful, inclusive community, the podcast provides support and encourages queer self-love.

Join Nick and Ellena on Queerability as they discuss mental health, relationships, pop culture, current events, and more through an unapologetically queer lens. Discover the superpowers that come with living life out and being proud. 
Editing is by Hall Hammond